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Dockery Sep 2, 2009 11:09 PM

[SOLVED] position the Page Menu within the header using css
I am trying to mimic a design look, and need to position the page menu within the header.

If I try to change the menu using css, it either won't work, puts a white block over my logo, or lifts my banner image over my logo.

I would like the header in ** deleted due to fix ** My Website

to match ** deleted due to fix ** an HTML Webpage I've built

the page menu seems to overlap the revolving banner %image slightly, and I do not know how to raise the page menu UP into the header area. How can I change this? Can I change it will css?


Dockery Sep 4, 2009 09:07 AM


The solution had 3 steps:

#1 Change the Page Menu background to transparent
#2 Raise the Page Menu into the header area with a negative Margin
#3 Push the %image banner down with a bottom margin.

CSS was added to the control panel in:
Appearance >> Atahualpa Theme Options >> Various Content Items >> Add HTML/CSS inserts

================================================== ==========

ul.rMenu {
/* This changes the background to transparent /*
background: transparent;
ul.rMenu-hor li {
/* This moves the Page Menu up into the header /*
margin-top: -22px;
/* This moves the %image down so that it does NOT overlap my image. Adjust yours as needed. /*

dougc Feb 3, 2012 11:38 PM

Thanks. All these years later, this still helped me get my main Pages menu within my header.

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