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Kaori29 Mar 3, 2013 03:47 AM

Newbie needs help :(
Hello everyone,

i'm using montezuma theme on my first WP Page ever.
Im totally new in doing a website.
So i have a few questiond i cant find in the forum search.

1. Is there a german translation for the theme?
2. I want to add a foto above the menu. Is this possible?
3. Is it possible to change the Background color?

Im sorry for my bad english :(

I hope you can help me

best wishes

lmilesw Mar 3, 2013 01:54 PM

There are some threads in the Montezuma forum concerning translation.
You can add a photo just about anywhere and you can change the background color. It's a matter of adding the proper code to one of the virtual templates and/or adding or modifying some CSS in one of the virtual CSS files.

I wish I could be more specific but it isn't matter of just adding an image to a particular spot. You have to have a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge along with being familiar with the theme settings and configurations.

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