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JocSch Apr 6, 2009 10:06 PM

Link to most recent post in page menu bar - solved
Hi all,
in general I'm pretty new to the whole wordpress/web thing. For that reason I choose the atathualpa theme, let's me customize the theme fairly easily - at the some time I learn a lot about CSS. I start to find my way around slowly.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out the following:

I set a Welcome page as a static front page. If you click home link in the page menu bar that's where it brings you. The only way to access the actual blog is via the Recent post listing in the sidebar.
Wonder if it possible to insert a link in page menu bar that links you to the most recent post as the entry to your blog posts.

Tried to modify bfa_header_config.php as in Small Question - Links in Header post #11

I put in all the permalinks for the pages which just works fine with the exception if I put a link to the wordpress directory /blog its starts out at the Home/Welcome static page

Any suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated....


SOLVED my questions thanks

Flynn Apr 7, 2009 09:46 PM

I hope you didn't solve this by editing bfa_header_config.php because it is easier than that

When you set a static page as the front page, you also set another page as the "Homepage" for the newest posts. Both are set at Site Admin -> Reading -> Front page displays -> Front Page: / Posts Page:

agallia Apr 13, 2010 08:17 AM


Thanks so much for your "fix" to a menu link to latest posts. I love your Atahualpa theme which I use on two sites. So easy to customize and personalize. You offer excellent support and I am glad I became a forum "member".

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

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