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rinoa3108 Dec 17, 2009 04:02 AM

advice on creating a nav menu bar
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I am a newbie to css. i would like to create a nav menu on the left of my site:

what is the best way to go about it? flash? fireworks? css?
The links are in a solid box background, the fonts arent usual to web fonts, and i would like them to roll over and highlight.
If i use coding will i still be able to have this font?
if i use flash or fireworks i dont like it how the whole screen refreshes for a split second to get to each page.

any tips? cheers

juggledad Dec 17, 2009 08:22 AM

The easiest way would be to use the 'pages' widget then use CSS to style it.

rinoa3108 Dec 18, 2009 11:06 PM

thanks for the advice,
am new to css, i assume you would add the code into the css inserts.
able to provide the css for the navigation? ie. on rollover, active, etc so that i can get it right the first time and not bug you for more beginner questions! many many thanks :)

rinoa3108 Dec 19, 2009 09:02 PM

Ive managed to find some css code to style the page widget. When i view the page with IE7 though, the red box isnt there. ive changed it to a .jpg, it was a gif before. is it true that IE doesnt read .gifs? Cheers

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