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Gravity Mar 23, 2010 11:20 PM

"comments are closed" issue, with repeating info-items on home page

my issue appears to be different to the others described in the boards.

I have some posts on which I disable comments (in the post itself, 'allow comments' off), and others for which I leave it on.

On my homepage (or any multi-post display), therefore, it will display some posts which have comments enabled and others that do not.

For those enabled, I'd like the normal behaviour to say "x comments" and for those closed, to display the alternate message "visit our forums to discuss". This alternate is instead of the default "comments are closed".

However, the moment a post is flagged to disallow comments, every post displayed on the multi-post also ends up with the alternate message appended, regardless of whether comments are allowed on those other posts or not.

info-item I'm using is this:

%comments('<image(comment.gif)> Leave a comment', '<image(comment.gif)> One comment', '<image(comments.gif)> % comments', 'Visit forums')%
An example is here.

On that page, the post "Possible no-epidemic spec for Frost tank in 3.33" has comments disabled, whereas many others on the page have them enabled.

I am not sure if this relates to my integration with wp-united, which does some caching, or if it's unique to atahualpa or wordpress. I am having trouble isolating it. I do not have W3 or Super Cache enabled, either.

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