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Moxie Apr 13, 2012 12:36 PM

[SOLVED] Random Floating Table?
Hi there,

The only thing I've updated this month was Atahualpa, so I think this has to be an Atahualpa/me issue?

I have a random floating table that shows up some pages and not others, in both Firefox and IE. If you look halfway down this page, you'll see what it 'used' to look like on the front page.

http://www.risingupward.com/?p=2315 (It also shows up this way, on almost all of my other pages - but the ones with lots of content, not the shorter ones.)

But now, I went and turned on and off every widget (nothing happened), every plugin (nothing), and every possible Atahualpa theme option, and finally got it to move to the top on the front page only - and to get rid of one of the two boxes on the front page, by deleting the text in:

Style Images: Style in Posts & Style Captions

Now, the other boxes on the other pages are still there, but this one is just one row in the header: http://www.risingupward.com/

I have done everything I know of to get rid of this strange thing, that isn't even on every post, but is on almost every page? I've also searched and searched through the forum archives, and couldn't find anything similar. Anyone have any ideas on what could help?

I've done my best, but it's also possible that I just haven't searched with the right criteria - so if you have ideas on what I should try looking up, I'd appreciate it!

Thank you!


juggledad Apr 13, 2012 02:26 PM

those are two <iframes> in the post and they look like they were added by something to do with face book.

First thing to do is disable all your plugins and see it it goes away, then add them back in one by one till you find the culprit

Moxie Apr 13, 2012 04:25 PM

Solved juggledad - thank you - and this is truly the best theme of them all!

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