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jaxon Feb 25, 2010 09:23 AM

Using ATA header php file outside of Wordpress but in same directory
Good morning excellent Atahualpa community!

I'm working on visually matching another script on my site (called WHMCS) to my wordpress installation, which runs Atahualpa. The WHMCS software/script uses .tpl template files for visual themes. I have read a number of threads on other forums suggesting that this integration (WP+WHMCS) is as simple as copy the contents of a WP theme's header.php file and making a new header.tpl file from it, which then replaces the WHMCS default header.tpl file.

This all sounds great and easy and I've seen it working on a number of sites - but I have had no luck making it work with my WP+ATA header.php file. Loading up the new .tpl just gives me a white screen when visiting whmcs.

My thought is that maybe ATA's header.php has too much dynamic stuff going and too many calls back to the ATA settings - but that's a mostly unfounded thought:) Could also be related to paths used in the ATA header file not being correct because the header.tpl file is located in a different top level directory. I can imagine, that a non-framework type theme would have a much more simple header file but who knows...

So... all I've got so far is a white screen whenever I test the new header.tpl file. My reading that has lead me to this point so far includes:

In particular the part where this person implies that people in my position have less than half a brain:)

Originally Posted by RackWire View Post
Yes, read this wrong. We just mirrored the look and feel of the WHMCS site on our Wordpress Blog, and use that for Articles.
This thread is for login share and auto design integration, but not by the means of simple copy and paste header/footer changes, etc. What you have done is simple and takes 5 minutes and can be done by anyone with half a brain.
Some general info on integrating WP & WHMCS

Any tips, advice, experiences or paid (cheapish) work offer would be greatly appreciated. I'll reply right away to any questions or advice. Thanks a ton!

jaxon Feb 25, 2010 02:21 PM

So, I've made a bit of progress on this. I copied the header html from a source view of my site and used it for the header.tpl file. This clears up my white page of death issue... and gives me a unstyled html version of my header. I don't really know how the header grabs its css - at least some is included in the header obviously. My next step was to included everything between the <style type="text/css"> tags. above the header code. This did not change anything... still straight html - list of menu items, logo, etc. So, this is where I'm at. It actually seems promising. If anyone has advice on how include or reference all the css I need for the header - I'd love a few tips. Thanks all!

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