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Jeff G Jul 25, 2010 12:01 PM

Easy: Left-align headlines on multi-post pages but center on single?
This shouldn't be too tough, but I'm slow:

This is my site:

I'm trying to imitate this site*:

Post headlines seem to default to centered, which is what I want on the single post pages, but not on the multi-post page.

WP Version 3.0
Atahualpa 3.5.1

Thanks for any help!


*Client wants the site to be in Wordpress for easy updating. I'm slowly developing a niche market recreating existing sites in WP, but it can be a slog.

lmilesw Jul 25, 2010 04:46 PM

I know of no way to do this other than set the the title not to display using Atahualpa Post/Page Options (You have to turn them on in ATO>Configure SEO). Then I would use H1 text for the "Title" and float the image to the left of it and the following text. Unfortunately you would than have to link that "Title" to the single post.

putakti Jul 26, 2010 01:14 AM

you can actually do that i think by adding a code in the

ATO -> Add HTML/CSS Inserts -> HTML Inserts: Header
and add a code like this

<?php if(!is_single()){?>
/*put your custom style here*/
<?php } ?>

Jeff G Jul 26, 2010 01:40 AM

Hello. I tried following your suggestion, putakti by putting in this:

<?php if(!is_single()){?>
<?php } ?>

but it didn't do anything.

I also tried put in this CSS code:

.blog .post-headline {

To move the headline where I want it, but it shoved the centered headline over, taking the horizontal bar with it!

Thanks so much for everyone's help! If we can just draw the attention of juggledad, the jedi master, I bet this is easily solvable...


juggledad Jul 26, 2010 06:49 AM

Your CSS is cluttered with a lot of stuff - do you really need a
HTML Code:

body {


Why do you have so much extra?

you have some errors in your existing css. the last entry does not have a closing '}'
add this to CSS Inserts
HTML Code:

.blog .post-headline h2 {
text-align:left !important;

Jeff G Jul 26, 2010 10:08 AM

Thanks juggledad!!!

Yeah, I know the css is a big mess. Trying to imitate the other site exactly has been MUCH more of a pain in the ass than I expected. I've basically taken every bit of css code that it's using and copied it into mine. I think that site was made with something like Dreamweaver that adds lots of unnecessary crap. I'm systematically going through it all to find what's really needed, delete the rest.

Gotta go to my other job now, but I'll try out your solution later today.

Thanks again!


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