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iceb Dec 2, 2014 12:19 AM

Different background image on every section page
I have now installed my blog.
But it will not as it should.
It makes some weird thing where I can not be allowed to
create a background image apart from what is on the home page
but if I have to have the same image as the background image so it can not do it.

However, I have been a link found to my css

so what things should I look under the css file to the
can change this? correct?

yes I have found the file but when I saw edit it and save
so shall it not Norgen new changes and does not show the
changes I make.

has also been tested webbotellet
by making a php file that writes hello world also
link it with a style sheet like so
works fine and it makes me so change it all and I can also
that there is a difference and it can change the colors and also
background images also

it is a mysql server queues with ftp
and with php

And that was the theme called
twentythirteen I tried and I tried
to make a Danish installation of the wordpress.

it may be because I have to switch to another theme?
I used the free version a theme twentythriteen. Whereas a reduction in the free version of this theme.

the site url is this one

undertheweb dot info/wordpress-4.0.1/wordpress

I want a site where i have
one background image on my start page
and then another different background image on my
profile section page. I am using the
2013 theme that came with my wordpress files.

How to edit the css so i can get his kind of website thanks.

juggledad Dec 2, 2014 04:37 AM

sorry but this site is for support of the Atahualpa and Montezuma themes. You should ask your question at wordpress.org

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