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ped832 Feb 21, 2011 08:44 PM

[SOLVED] Home link in page-right menu order in 3.6.4
How can I change the position of the "Home" tab to first position/left in the page-right menu 1 setting using 3.6.4? Found examples in other versions but none worked for me, thanks.

lmilesw Feb 21, 2011 10:08 PM

For the page right menu you need to put the menu tabs in reverse order you want them from left to right.

ped832 Feb 22, 2011 10:32 AM

I can change the order of all pages except the "home" tab within Wordpress by altering their order number, however this has no effect on "home" since it isn't a "page" in the strictest sense. I read elsewhere on this site of altering bfa_header_config.php, but this had dire consequences. I believe that alteration was intended for an earlier version of Atahualpa. Any other thoughts on this? I'm using Wordpress 3.0.5 and Atahualpa 3.6.4 . I also tried to remove "Home" link from the Menu 1 settings but it still appears in my page menu even after clearing the cache. Could these issues be related somehow?
Thanks for your help and this is an excellent theme!

lmilesw Feb 22, 2011 12:08 PM

Is you use the WordPress menu system you can change the order of anything you want.

sleenie Feb 24, 2011 04:18 AM

HI Larry,

I think I understand what he's saying. There seems to be something happening with Home.

If I have nothing in the ATA setting for a home link then nothing appears. Just like it should be.

If I add a home page I get a menu item but not where I want it. If I look at the WP Menu it isn't even showing until I drag it over. I still can't change the location of it.

If I add the ATA setting of adding the link name Home then I have 2 of them.

What I find strange is that I can't remove the menu items like I used to be able to do easily from the WP Menu area. That I'm not really worried about though. It's getting a home page set up properly. Can't figure out why the menu item won't move.

I just added another page named something else and I'm having the same problem. I can't rearrange them like before.

This site was just being started and I had several pages up already and decided to upgrade. Hope I didn't make a mistake. Those I can rearrange but not any new ones.

I'm running WP3.1 and ATA3.6.4.

I just tested the 3.5.3 and also with the default template so it appears it isn't an ATA problem.

Time for sleep. Maybe I'll have to revert in the morning.


Decided to see if the old standby plugin I us to use would work - My Page Order - I did so it is a temporary solution for me till I fgure out what's happening.

lmilesw Feb 24, 2011 06:47 AM

The WordPress solution is to use the WordPress Menu system (Appearance>Menus). Then you can arrange your menu tabs in any order you want.

juggledad Feb 24, 2011 07:12 AM

Let me see if I can explain things, because the word 'home' is used a couple ways in wordpress.

Most people think of the 'home' page as being the page that you go to when you type in 'http://mydomain.com' - another terms for this are 'landing' page and 'front' page.

Wordpress, by default, displays your posts on the landing/front/home page (the 'posts' page) and this page is automatically generated. This page does not have a 'title' (I'll talk about this a bit more)

In WordPress you can create pages and give them a 'title' of anything you want (except for the default landing/front/home page - there is no 'title' for it)

Let's assume we create a page called 'Contact Us' and one called 'News'. You now have three (3) pages (what...but we only created two??) right, YOU created two pages, but WordPress automatically creates your 'posts' page for you, so that makes three.

Ok, so much for the background, now we start to get messy

Atahualpa gives you the option to create a menubar and it will add in all your pages automatically (unless you exclude some, but let's not worry about that). So when you display your page you would see the menu containing
HTML Code:

Home    Contact Us      News
so where did the 'Home' link in the menu come from? It came from the option 'ato->Page menu->Home link in Page Menu Bar' which defaults to 'Home'. If we changed that option to 'JuggleDad' then the menu would be
HTML Code:

JuggleDad    Contact Us      News
and if you clicked 'JuggleDad' you would go back to the landing/front/home page which would be your 'posts' page...currently. Lets change it back to 'Home' so the menu is
HTML Code:

Home    Contact Us      News
Now lets look at another WordPress option. If you go to dashboard->Settings->Reading you will see an option 'Front page displays'.

With this option, you can set a static page to be your front page. You also have to setup a page to display your posts. So in our example, lets point the 'Front page:' at 'Contact Us' and the 'Posts page: at 'News' so now your menu bar looks like this
HTML Code:

Home    Contact Us      News
Oh look, it didn't change except that when you click on either 'Home' or 'Contact Us' you go to the 'Contact Us' page. (when you click on 'News' you go to your 'posts' page)

But we change our mind and decide to change the title 'Contact Us' to 'Home' and now the menu shows
HTML Code:

Home    Home      News
Notice there are two 'Home' links. One is the title of the page 'Home' and the other is from the 'ato->Page menu->Home link in Page Menu Bar' option. If you were to blank out that option you would have
HTML Code:

Home      News
Now lets make it even more messy because you want to use the WordPress custom menus.

Ok, you go create a menu and add the two pages 'Home' and 'News' and everything works fine and your menu is still
HTML Code:

Home      News
but you decide to change the WordPress option 'dashboard->Settings->Reading->Front page displays' back to 'Your latest posts'. Now your menu is still
HTML Code:

Home      News
but when you click 'Home' you see your contact info. But why you ask ("Why??" with a little anguish in your voice). It's because WordPress is now automatically creating the 'posts' page and we created a page and called it 'Home'. So let's fix this up.

You go back into the page that is now called 'Home' and change it to 'Contact Us' and now the menu shows
HTML Code:

Contact Us      News
and the contact us page shows the contact info and the 'News' page is blank (it doesn't show the posts because we just told WordPress to stop displaying them there) so how to get a Home link in the menu. The Atahualpa option doesn't help because you are using a Custom menu. This means it is your job to manually add a link.

If you go to dashboard->Appearances->Menus, there is a section called 'Custom Links'. You can put your site address in the URL ('http://mdomain.com' in our example) and put 'Home' in the LABEL and press the 'Add to Menu' button, re-order it's position and you now have
HTML Code:

Home    Contact Us      News
as your menu.

I hope this helps clear up what can be a confusing mix of options and settings and you now know how to do what you want to do.

Oh yeah, if you use %pages or %page-center, then the order of the menu items IF you are using the WordPress Custom menu, is the order you arrange them. If you are using the Atahualpa menu then the order is based on the order specified by the 'ato->Page Menu->Sorting order of Page Menu Bar' option

If you use %page-right the display order is reversed - so if you need to change the order in the WordPress Custom menu or change the pae menu order (dashboard->page->edit->Order)

sleenie Mar 4, 2011 10:49 PM

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I had to find some time to play with this. I'm thinking that I had a problem with the actually install of the theme because I couldn't get it to work no matter what. Downloaded another install and this time I was able to get it working.

Have another issue, this time with the sidebar but I think I'll wait until tomorrow so I can open the site for you to see. Plus I want to do a little research on the site to see if someone else has had the problem.

Thanks for the lengthy response. it's nice to have something like this in the archives.

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