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dextor Sep 12, 2009 03:16 AM

[SOLVED] "No Posts found" in Admin View and "Not Found" in Page View
Hi There,

I am new to the Atahualpa-Theme, it looks pretty comprehensive and I would like to use it for my new blog.

However, when I activate the theme on a totally fresh WP-installation without any other plugins activated, posts won't be found anymore. In the admin-page I go to edit posts and see:

* All (1) |
* Published (1)

No posts found

So there is the demo-post, but I can only edit it if I switch back to the standard-theme. This does not change, if I create a post (which is possible), while Atahualpa is activated. Then the number of posts for "All " increases, but still none of them is displayed for editing.

When I go to the page-view, I will find that on the start-page only this message show up, but none of the created posts:

Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

This already shows up in the theme-preview, but all posts are displayed, if I switch back to the standard theme! The same thing happens, if I enter the permalink of the demo-post directly.


I have no clue, what this problem is about. I am using the latest WP-version but php 4.3.3 is rather old, but working with everything else so far...

I would really appreciate help, because the theme looks so incredibly great, I really want to use it!!!

c ya


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