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probiner Jun 19, 2012 08:55 AM

Atahualpa and Wordpress Wiki Lite and bbPress - How to get around child themes?
I run atahualpa and I tried to install both WordPress Wiki Lite and bbPress. But bbPress keeps telling me I need a compatible theme and after a while vanishes, while Wiki Lite has some features that don't even show up with Atahualpa. If I change to TwentyTen they do show up.
Here is a Screenshot using both. Notice that discussion content doesn't show up. Also notice that some Dashboard items are hidden (they show up on mouseOver)

So I looked around and read that both seem to need a child theme setup to work properly. I don't want to go there :(

What changes do I need to do in order to get these working?
WikiLite is more important to me than bbPress, so if it's much more complicated I can forget about bbPress.

Thank you for any enlightment.


Worpress: 3.4
Atahualpa: 3.7.7
Link: http://oneupontherock.webege.com/med...ion=discussion

lmilesw Jun 19, 2012 09:28 AM

I installed and confirmed that this indeed doesn't appear to work with Atahualpa. Have you tried other solution such as MediaWiki plus a plugin like Wikiful Mediawiki Bridge or Wiki Embed. It comes down to some plugin authors build their plugins based on Twenty Eleven and some other themes just won't work correctly with them. It's like that with BuddyPress which requires a special theme or editing the theme to work with it. These plugins have functions that are outside the norm and I would expect some to have compatibility issues with some themes.

probiner Jun 19, 2012 11:43 AM

Hi lmilesw
Thanks again for support.

Apparently the plugins you suggested do not bring Wiki functionality to the wordpress site and their users, just allow you to embed a page from a wiki.
For example I embed my test wiki here: http://oneupontherock.webege.com/topowiki/
Whenever you click a Wiki link, it will send me to my mediawiki site.

There is a user's fix for Wiki Lite, I tryed it but without success:

I guess, for wiki, I'll have to stick with:
And for forum, with:
They are ok, but don't have a rich tool-set like the other 2 :( Plus WP Wiki project has stopped.

I don't understand why people develop tools for such restrained environments, and why for example WP.org don't allow to browse themes per rating, etc. Seems to me there's some closing of this open environment. It almost forces me to use just a set of themes to get good functionalities.


lmilesw Jun 19, 2012 03:15 PM

I just reread this and are you sure you mean bbpress? bbpress works fine for me with Atahualpa it was BuddyPress that I had issues with and required special themes.

juggledad Jun 20, 2012 07:09 AM

I would suggest contacting the 'Wiki Lite' author and asking for guidance but I'm not sure I would hope for much. The plugin's readme asys there is detailed instructions but the link brings you to there 'pay us here' page

probiner Jun 21, 2012 02:33 PM

Hi lmilesw and juggledad

@lmilesw: bbPress warning stays around for a while, but at least in my end the page doesn't work after a while. Anyway, forum wise Mingle Forum fits my needs well.
What I am really short of is Wiki.
I came to conclusion that both Wiki plugins probably don't sustain good compatibility with 3.4 (which I updated to these days from 3.0.4) and their functionality as Wikis is very compromised.

Although it has been an happy year of using Atahualpa and learning a lot, I'll be experimenting with other themes. I don't have the savyness to milk of Atahualpa all it can give.

I'll just leave a few eye candy suggestions: Responsive size images, Theme options search bar.
Anyway I'm already missing Atahualpa's styling input fields all over the place, where a newbie like me can edit a complete layout with some simple text inputs and learn from the results.

@ juggledad
What saddens me is that there is no free Wiki-Wordpress implementation here or in the horizon that can give actually functionalities to WP to behave has a community knowledge building platform, with good markups, etc. Right now I would be better served doing WP and a Wiki Farm, what would require 2 logins per user.

Good luck guys
I think anyone can learn a lot from meddling with your theme :)

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