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DannyLife Dec 14, 2009 03:33 AM

[SOLVED] Putting Space Between Sidebars
If I use both the right sidebar, and inner right sidebar, the only thing (I know) I can do to split them is put a borderline down the middle, if I take the border out it looks like 1 large sidebar. Is there a code I can use to put space between them, so the background shows through the middle and they look like seperate sidebars.

Hope that makes sense, had no idea what to enter in search to find the answer!


juggledad Dec 14, 2009 06:49 AM

the middle area of a page (below the header and above the footer) is a one row table with 1 to 5 columns - where the columns are the sidebars and the center area (note: each of these areas are subdivided into tables themselves, but that's another story)

the issue is that while you can put spacine between table cells, it effects all the cells, which isn't what you want. You need to add a new cell between the left and inner-left cells.

here is how you can do it. Edit header.php and find line 35 (version 3.4.4) which will be
HTML Code:

<?php if ( $bfa_ata['left_col'] == "on" ) { ?><col class="colone" /><?php } ?>
and add this after that line
HTML Code:

<col class="colmiddle" />
next change what is now line 45 from
HTML Code:

                <td id="header" colspan="<?php echo $bfa_ata['cols']; ?>">
HTML Code:

                <td id="header" colspan="<?php echo ($bfa_ata['cols']); ?>">
next find the now line 79 which should be
HTML Code:

                <!-- / Left Sidebar -->
and change it to
HTML Code:

                <!-- / Left middle Sidebar -->
                <td id="left-middle"> </td>
                <!-- / Left Sidebar -->

and save the
Now you can control the width of the new inner-middle area by adding CSS Insert (at ATO->Add HTML/CSS Inserts->CSS Insert)
HTML Code:

.colmiddle {width: 200px;}
adjusting the width to the size you want

DannyLife Dec 17, 2009 06:56 AM

Thanks for that, worked perfectly.

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