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scombridae1969 Aug 7, 2010 04:55 PM

[SOLVED] Is It Possible To Remove all the space at the top of the center column?
Hello Everyone...
Newbie at both WP, Atahualpa and, honestly, dealing hands on with HTML/CSS. I used to build visually using DW or the like. That said, I think it would be hard to go back now. :)

This question might have been answered in other threads:

Due to my relative unfamiliarity with code, I am not sure if the solutions apply to my problem and/or exactly how to apply the solutions if they are the right fix for me.

I inserted a an image into one of my pages (html in the body). It is the first line in the body of my page and I have no padding or margins indicated. But there is a space between the top of that image and the top of the center column. I want to remove all visual space from the top of the center column so that when I insert an image as the first item in my body, it will be flush with the bottom of my menu (actually, I have a 1px vertical bar right above center column/sidebars). I have done my best to remove padding/margin settings for the header, menu, horizontal bars, center column, post/page stuff from both ATO (and within that the ADD HTML/CSS INSERTS for anything that seemed relevant to me) and either I am missing something or maybe I need to do something additional with the insert html/css access? Here is the page:


Below is a screen shot where I have also removed all padding from the top of the sidebars/widgets (image of blood pressure being taken is a placeholder comp). They seem to be able to sit flush up top with any apparent problems. It is just with the center column that I cannot figure things out. If there is an obvious solution, please pardon my relative ignorance. :o


WP: 3.0.1
AT: 3.5.3


rosetrees Aug 8, 2010 04:51 AM

Hi scombridae1969. I'm assuming that if you add text not an image to your center column, then that sits flush with the bottom of the menubar?

If so, then look in Various Content Items/Style images (near the bottom of the Atahualpa Theme menu) and try removing any padding/margins from there.

Does that cure the problem?

scombridae1969 Aug 8, 2010 02:37 PM

Hi Rosetrees...
Thanks for your response.

I put just text for my first line in the body of that page, and set padding/margin for everything I thought might be relevant in ATO/Style Images as 0px all around but I am still have the same problem. I don't seem to have this problem in the sidebar/widgets. If I set no padding/margins there for top, then thing appear to sit flush.


scombridae1969 Aug 8, 2010 04:49 PM

Hello Everyone...
I think I figured out my problem. And it was already solved on this thread:

I am new to dealing directly with code and didn't realize I could use an image for <h1></h1> instead of text. By adding margin/padding 0px via CSS/HTML inserts, and tagging my images as <h1>...I was able to remove the space up top. That and setting my pages to not display the actual title of the page.


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