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hubbiida Nov 20, 2010 10:00 AM

[SOLVED] Home page button keep original background color on current
First off . . . wow! What great theme. I have a small issue, though. I am using WP3's menu system with the page menu bar, and have inserted the home page as a custom link. The problem is, it is highlighted on current (which is apparently also the case when using the page menu via Atahualpa's standard menu system). Is there any way to force the home page button in the page menu to keep it's original background color when the home page is current? I did find a thread that showed how to do something like this . . .


but it seems to require a page id, which the home page doesn't seem to have.

Here is the site I am developing. You can see the issue there.


Any suggestions will be most welcome.


I am using Atahaulpa 3.5.4

hubbiida Nov 20, 2010 05:35 PM

Thanks. I already figured this out. If anyone is curious, just give the homepage a CSS class name using the WP3 menus screen options, then simply use CSS inserts to change the status of the homepage button on hover, active, etc. You can use the link I cited above as a guide for the CSS.

Many thanks for this forum. I will donate promptly.


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