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jack96161 Nov 11, 2009 02:56 PM

Info on adapting to multiple browsers and changes in IE7 and 8
For years I and many others have gone crazy getting our web sites to render identically on multiple browsers - especially the dreaded IE6!!! This has led to many "IE hacks" on our HTML and CSS to try to adjust to the odd interpretations by IE6.

The good news is that IE6 is fading fast, but we may have left over hacks that could cause problems in the future. With IE7 (and now 8) Microsoft browsers recognize "child selectors". E.g., in the past, If you wanted to send a different width value to IE than to other browsers, you could have used the following:

#foo {width: 400px;}
html>body #foo {width: 300px;}

Historically, the first CSS rule would have been just for any IE and the second for every other browser. Now, the first CSS rule is for IE6 and previous versions and the second for IE7/8 and non-IE browsers.

In addition, the old CSS star hack used to activate separate CSS styles for IE6 doesn't work with IE7/8. In the past, to send commands only to Internet Explorer (including IE on the Mac), many of us used:

* html #foo {width: 400px;}

IE6 and before interpreted this line, whereas all other browsers ignored it -- essentially making use of an MS bug that existed for years. Now, IE7 will (correctly) ignore the above command, along with all other non-IE browsers.

We have two issues here -- when to remove the IE6 hacks from our code, and when will they mess up rendering in the future? It might warrant a stroll though our current code (and Atahuapa's) to ferret out any left over IE6 debris.

I gleaned this and more from a pretty complete description of IE7 changes here-- http://www.webcredible.co.uk/user-fr...plorer-7.shtml


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