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Keltner73 Nov 8, 2014 05:20 AM

Where do I set a page to show posts of a single category?
Hi, after upgrading to the latest Atahualpha version, posts of all categories are displayed on my front page. Here, only posts of a single category should be visible.

Please tell me: Should I fix this directly in one of the php files (which one, and how?), or is there some way to do this inside the Atahualpa Theme Options ?

juggledad Nov 8, 2014 05:48 AM

Did you also upgrade WP?
What do you have at dashboard->settings->reading->front page displays?
How were you displaying just the posts from one category? That's not a theme options.

Keltner73 Nov 9, 2014 04:25 AM

Yes I upgraded WP. But at Settings>Reading> there is no such thing as "Front page displays". Only settings for how many posts to show on a page and in RSS, how much of the text to show, and whether this webpage should be visible to search engines.

Sorry if my question isn't theme related... I can't really remember what I did to make only one category visible, probably followed some instructions found on the web. I'll figure it out, just sometimes I am confused about what should be fixed by theme options and what should be hacked inside the php files :-)

juggledad Nov 9, 2014 06:59 AM

Are you an ADMIN on the site? if you are and this is a normal WP site, you should see the 'Front Page Displays' - if you don't I'd be suspect about the site.

Keltner73 Jan 2, 2015 07:38 AM

Hi again. Yes, I am the admin (I made the page myself) but I am certainly no expert on this. As I said, I can't really recall how I managed to display posts only from a single category on the front page (my web page only has 1 page, the front) but I suppose I followed the instructions on this page: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/one-...ress-homepage/

Now I know things have changed, and we're not supposed to change the php any more, so I am confused about where to do the changes now, in order to make sure only posts of a specific category (i.e category_id=1) are visible.

You mention Front Page Displays. Where, in the Atahualpa Theme Options you mean? Or in the Control Panel ? (Please be specific where to find this option, as my WordPress Control Panel is in a different language than english, so I might not immediately recognize it.

Best regards, Keltner73

juggledad Jan 2, 2015 09:39 AM

dashboard->settings->reading->front page displays?

were you using the "Juggledad custom query' template by any chance?

Keltner73 Jan 2, 2015 12:05 PM

There is no "Front Page Displays". From here I am only able to set the number of posts to be displayed on the page. That is not what I want, I want to display posts, but only the ones of a certain category id. It worked before I tried to update WordPress and Atahualpa, two months ago.

Sorry, I don't know what is the "Juggledad custom query' template :-/

Hope you can still help?

juggledad Jan 3, 2015 04:16 AM

1 Attachment(s)
When you go to dashboard->settings->reading, you should see:
Attachment 2629

If you don't see that then this is not a normal install.
Who is your host?
How did you do the install? Was it via a script? (the install of WP not the upgrade)

Keltner73 Jan 3, 2015 10:18 AM

Thanks for the picture, that is helpful. Well, I see the lower part, but not the upper part (not the "Front page displays" part ). I have two versions of my site - a local one on my mac with WP 4.0.1, and a published one with WP 3.8.1, hosted at a popular and professional (I believe) service provider in my country. In both cases, the Dashboard>Settings>Reading> page look the same, that is, they both lack the "Front page displays" part. But only in the local version did I encounter problems with displaying posts from a single category, after upgrading Atahualpa to 3.7.18

I did a manual install (copying of files, not using a script). If you suggest something might have gone wrong during the install, I will try to upgrade locally to WP 4.1 (the newest) and see if it helps. Thanks, I will get back to you if it doesn't.

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