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bcorrigan Apr 30, 2009 11:11 AM

[SOLVED] IE 8 doesn't like my site: PHP problems?

My site,
has some display issues in IE 8.

I am using the Page Menu bar on the top of the site, and all text does not display.

Also I am using a text widget with PHP code to display pages in the left column. In both cases, the text does not display, unless I tab to the menu items. Then they display.

I have inserted a bit of html in header.php to add a Skip Nav link at the top of the page. I have a widget in the html inserts at the top of the body section. I have some Google Analytics java script in appropriate places.

Any suggestion as to where to look?

Oi, and I don't have IE 8 installed yet. That means I have to make another VM with that app on it for testing purposes. I was hoping to delay that until Fall. Guess I have to get on it.

Flynn Apr 30, 2009 03:52 PM

Atahualpa tells IE8 to emulate IE7 behavior with this official Microsoft tag in the header section:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

You can observe the issues on your site with IE7 as well, and should not need to install IE8

The first <LI> is not enclosed in a <UL> and I am not sure if you even wanted to put a <LI> list item there.
You also have class="?" which is probably also throwing off IE

Red = missing or wrong

<ul><li class="skip"><a href="#content">Skip to Main Content</a></li></ul>
<ul class="efontsize">Text size:
<li class="efontbig">
<a href="?incfont=yes" onclick="window.location.replace(this.href); return false" title="increase text size"><span>+</span></a></li>
<li class="efontsmall">
<a href="?decfont=yes" onclick="window.location.replace(this.href); return false" title="decrease text size"><span>-</span></a></li>
<li class="efontreset">
<a href="?resetfont=yes" onclick="window.location.replace(this.href); return false" title="reset text size"><span class="?">Reset</span></a></li>

bcorrigan Apr 30, 2009 04:04 PM

Well, Thanks Flynn for the second set of eyes. Clearly, I haven't been a good tester, as I have tested my site in IE 7, but obviously not after I made every change. Thanks for catching the errors for me. Now I'll sheepishly go back to by dev corner, and not leave until I've tested my work...


bcorrigan May 1, 2009 11:14 AM

Just to close this out, I just wrapped the <a href> link in a <div> , no <li>, no <p>, and that fixed the problem.

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