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lmilesw Nov 29, 2009 08:51 PM

CSS Question
In the style sidebars area the CSS is as follows
HTML Code:

border-left: solid 1px #CCCCCC;
padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
background: #ffffff;

Is there a reason for having the padding coded as it is rather than just having
HTML Code:

padding: 10px;
Also in another thread it mentioned using
HTML Code:

to give a transparent background but that doesn't seem to work for me. I also used the same CSS in the widget styling as well and still no transparent background. any ideas?

juggledad Nov 30, 2009 03:30 AM

I beleive the padding is using all four sides so that someone not really familiar with CSS will know how to use it. If, in your case, you are using 10px for all four sides, feel free to change it in the sidebar styling.

as for 'background: #;', I suspect that some browsers support it and some don't. You can alwaays use
'background: transparent;' which is a better idea,

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