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Annen Nov 26, 2011 10:42 PM

Logo alignment
Hi there,

I've been playing for a few days now with Atahualpa and I am enjoying it. I've followed these great forums and I've managed to lift my nav. menu and align to the right of my logo.

I've given the logo a set margin of 'margin: 0 0 0 300px;' Which becomes a problem on smaller res browsers and it knocks out the menu. What I really want to do is align it with the left margin of the body, problem there is I've set the body to 60% width.

The header look I'm after is similar to what these guys have

thanks in advance for any help.

juggledad Nov 27, 2011 04:03 AM

what version of Atahualpa and WP?
What is your url?

Annen Nov 27, 2011 02:31 PM

Hi Juggledad

Atahualpa 3.7.1
WP 3.2.1

Sorry don't have a URL yet

juggledad Nov 27, 2011 04:51 PM

Are you running this locally??

Annen Nov 27, 2011 05:54 PM

Yes that's right i'm running it locally on my linux system until I can get access to a VPS that I can setup in the same manner. I really just starting out. Sorry maybe a screenshot might help? But it's just a matter of with 1680x1050 it appears to align to the margin, but other systems/browsers/res's it's pushed further right due to my margin setting of 300.
thxs again

juggledad Nov 27, 2011 05:56 PM

go to ato->export/import settings and export your settings, then attach them to a reply.

Annen Nov 27, 2011 05:56 PM

Would it help if I dump the code into pastebin?

juggledad Nov 27, 2011 06:10 PM

Just use the paper clip icon and you can attach a file (the settings) to a reply

Annen Nov 29, 2011 04:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hi juggledad, sorry for the late response, got caught up working, please find attached.

juggledad Nov 29, 2011 05:41 AM

Sorry, but I don't know where to start after looking at your settings. There are so many errors in it.

ID's must be unique on the page but in the 'Configure Header Area' you coded a second 'wrapper' and a second 'container'

In the 'Blog Title' option you have
HTML Code:

font-family: tahoma, arial, sans-serif;%page-center (border) solid 1px #C0C0C0 (Background) EEEEEE (Hover) C0C0C0

in the CSS inserts you have
HTML Code:

div#divfooter {
where are you getting an ID of 'divfooter' from? or 'div.wrapbody' ?

For the moment, the best I can offer is to tell you to clean up your settings

Annen Nov 29, 2011 02:56 PM

Okay thanks, thats good advice, like I said I'm just starting out. I'll get back to it, I really only the time on the weekend. Thanks for your help.

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