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Douglas Apr 3, 2010 09:38 AM

preset bfa custom fields (bfa_ata_option meta fields)
I don't really understand those 8-10 preset custom fields. How are they intended to be used? Are they part of the SEO functions? Are they still relevant and useful if I'm using All-in-One SEO plugin? I haven't been able to locate any discussion of explanation of these things.

suzbwise Aug 14, 2010 02:31 PM

Hello! I'm sad to see that no one has responded to your post yet. I would like to find these custom fields - mine seem to be missing!

My brother, however, has the same version of Atahualpa (3.4.9) as I do, and his fields show up:


I want to populate some these (ie give a value to the meta fields) on each of my "page" pages. For example, when I made a site with Dreamweaver, we included "title" (it's a meta tag that needs to be in the <head> tag), the "description" and the "keywords". These are part of SEO. I know other people are much more sophisticated, but for the plugins I've seen for meta data or SEO, I might as well just use what's present in Atahualpa.

As I mentioned, though, my "default" custom fields are missing - so that's MY question - how to get them to show up!

Hope this helps -

- Suzanne.

Thomas Jan 3, 2011 04:36 PM

I also would like more information on the purpose of these. I'm using "All In One SEO" and and I'm extremely careful about everything SEO. I'm assuming that if these aren't used and the AIO SEO plugin is active, that they are ignored? I saw Juggledad's post here http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthr...=custom+fields on how to add a hash before the entries in functions.php to disable them - is that necessary? For background info, I just upgraded my entire site to the latest WP and also ATA 3.53 yesterday. Thanks!

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