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andd May 16, 2010 05:52 AM

Page menu: highlight a parent as current, even when on a subpage
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Hello, I'm looking for some help with highlighting the current page in the page menu.

My website (here) has the following structure:

Non-fiction books
末末Series Title 1
末末末末Title 1
末末末末Title 2
末末末末Title 3
末末Series Title 2
末末末末Title 1
末末末末Title 2
Educational books
末末Series Title 1
末末末末Title 1
末末末末Title 2


(Pages in Bold are excluded from the menu bar)

The pages 'Non fiction books' and 'Educational books', with their subpages, are actually part of the portfolio section, and although 'non fiction' and 'educational' are on the same heirarchal level as 'Portfolio', I have excluded them from the page menu. However, I would like the 'portfolio' button to remain highlighted when I am on these other pages and subpages. Until ATA 3.4.9 was released I was using page IDs and classes to do this, but having problems getting it to work in all versions of Internet Explorer (I'm far from being any kind of code writing expert btw). ATA 3.4.9 had a new css insert which overcame the Internet Explorer issues, however it doesn't use page IDs, or at least not in a way I recognise.

Attached is the code I used to create my main navigation before I replaced it with the ATA 3.4.9 solution. It's an unordered list contained in a table so a touch clunky and undynamic, I know, but it largely worked until it encountered Internet Explorer.

Also attached is the code from ATA 3.4.9 with some mods to suit my design and an addition to achieve the current page highlighting.

My question(s):

What should I do to the former, clunky table-based system to make it work in Internet Explorer (v7+)? or should I persist with the better, more dynamic and streamlined ATA code, and find a way to get the subpages showing as current.

Many thanks

BTW I know about the rounded corners in IE and am accepting that limitation.

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