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Ddabrai Aug 14, 2009 12:20 PM

Widget areas 1 to 4
Greetings Members,
I am a newbie I installed wordpress via fantistico but somehow I got a gremlin in the theme so like an idiot I took everyting off and couldn't install wordpress again so I manually installed wordpress and then our favourite theme. Now in dasboard under appearance under widgets I see the 4 sidebars but I also see the another 4 labelled as widget area1 widget area2 widget area3 widget area4. If I do put any widgets in these areas they don't seem to appear anywhere. Where do they show up or do we need to activate them if so how as you can see I am totally confused. Can somebody please help?

Flynn Aug 14, 2009 09:36 PM

The new feature to add widget areas will be improved/fixed in the next version. Right now it both creates and displays the widget areas with one function. The result is that even if you don't use the function anymore to display the widget areas, they will still be listed at Site Admin -> Widgets, and will even contain widgets if you put any there.

I suggest that you either remove existing widgets from those, and create a new widget area (See ATO -> Add NEW WIDGET AREAS), or use the PHP code again in the theme files or theme options that you used originally to create those widget areas, to start displaying these widget areas again.

If you have 4 and the names are "Widget Area 1" etc.. then you probably used

<?php bfa_widget_area('name=Widget Area&cells=4'); ?>

Ddabrai Aug 15, 2009 02:48 AM

Hiya Flynn,
Thanks for the prompt reply. My dilema is that I hadn't heard of the word php till I had to use wordpress so I couldn't have put any codes anywhere I wouldn't know what to do. I installed a widget called widget block and now the four widget areas have disappeared and two new ones have appeared labelled Banner 1 and Banner 2. I would love if you tell me what has happend or even if you tell me where this code <?php bfa_widget_area('name=Widget Area&cells=4'); ?> would have been so I know for future also could you please point me in the direction where I can find the code for these Banner widgets. I had also sent you you pm did get a chance to read that.
Thanking you in advance

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