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firstgentrekkie Apr 12, 2011 05:21 PM

[SOLVED] WP in an "add-on" domain
I think "add-on domain" is the right terminology, but if not, please correct me.

My customer has a standard Dreamweaver/Contribute website that I built for them a few years ago:


(They've been updating it themselves, so no comments, please! ;-) Recently they decided to upgrade their hosting plan so that they can host additional websites from subfolders. I moved a website that was hosted elsewhere to the folder firstnight, thusly:


Works, BUT. Of course I want the firstnight website to reveal only its own domain. And


does that (except for the background image, which doesn't pop until you go to another page), so I know the nameservers have been set correctly. But as soon as you go to any other page, the citycenterdanbury URL is revealed, because all the internal links are still pointing to the firstnight folder. I would prefer to see http://www.firstnightdanbury.org/about-us, for example, not http://www.citycenterdanbury.com/firstnight/about-us.

I read the WP Codex article about installing WP in a subdirectory but having it act as if it's in the root directory (http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_Wo..._Own_Directory), but that doesn't seem to be exactly my situation. Also, I can't really copy index.php from the firstnight directory to the root directory, because that will clobber the homepage for citycenterdanbury.

Is there a solution, or did I take a wrong turn at the very beginning? Was my client misinformed about what her deluxe hosting account really got her? Will I have to buy firstnightdanbury.org its own hosting account? The hosting company is GoDaddy, if that makes any difference.

Thanks so much for reading this far!

lmilesw Apr 12, 2011 11:03 PM

Also what do you have in the URL fields in the WP General Settings?

firstgentrekkie Apr 13, 2011 05:33 AM

Larry, that was exactly the answer! I mapped the secondary domain before I did the WP install, but the nameservers hadn't been changed yet, so it was really just a placeholder. I built the website in the subfolder, and then updated the nameservers, which is the point I was at last night. The advice I got from GoDaddy was to change both the URLs in the General Settings screen--the Wordpress address *and* the site address--to the name of the addon domain. It took a while (overnight or less), during which the site was unavailable or really messed up, but it appears to me that Wordpress (v3.1.1) updated everything correctly all by itself. It's a small site, so YMMV, but I'm happy.

By the way, the GoDaddy one-click WP install does not work in a subfolder. I finally realized, after several tries, that I had to set it up manually. No big deal, but it would have been nice to know that and not to have wasted the time.

http://www.firstnightdanbury.org is a little slow right now, but that could be Comcast, and not the redirection.

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