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sergeiy Apr 15, 2013 12:44 AM

[SOLVED] How to separate title and link color in posts?
Hi, all, and big kudos to the developer(s) for a great theme.

I have a question about colors. I discovered that in the css files, the same setting controls the color of links in posts and the color of the post's title (I have disabled the dual title colors feature). What I want is to set them apart: I want the good ol' combination of blue links and black titles. Is there a way to get that done?

Thanks in advance!

jerryc Apr 15, 2013 06:15 AM

Start here. There are several ways to do custom CSS. Of course, you can edit the CSS files. I prefer this approach. Juggledad would suggest adding your custom css to the last theme css file, clearfix.css. With either of the last two, your custom css is all in one place.

sergeiy Apr 15, 2013 08:49 AM

Thanks a lot, but that still doesn't solve the issue (and I guess part of the problem is that I only learned css in bits an pieces, on a need-to-know basis, so I might just be missing the right code to insert).

But anyway, what Firebug tells me is what I suspected: the css code it goes to for the title is the code for links:


.hentry a {
    -moz-text-blink: none;
    -moz-text-decoration-color: -moz-use-text-color;
    -moz-text-decoration-line: none;
    -moz-text-decoration-style: solid;
    color: #006699;

That's because, well, the title is contained in an <a> tag (it should be).

The code comes from posts.css, so far as I could see, and changing the color there changes it for links inside the post as well. All the heading styles (h1, h2, h3) already have a "color: #000;" line in their definitions (and they appear below the link definition).

So... what is it that I'm not getting? :confused:

Thanks again!

sergeiy Apr 15, 2013 12:29 PM

Okay. Got it. Eventually what I did was set the link color in post.css to black and then edit the bits in content.css that were responsible for the thick underline under links on hover (removing this feature along the way and replacing it with something more to my liking) to have the blue color I want for links, and, in order for the post.css color not to override the instruction for links in general, add an !important tag to the color commands I edited in content.css.

Proper programmers reading this are probably pulling their hair at the thought of the mess I did, but it works all right...

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