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Flynn Feb 12, 2009 07:55 PM

I am going to HIGHLIGHT DONORS. Read about DONATIONS and free support
I am going to highlight donors within the next days, maybe a dollar sign after their name, so I can better differentiate between users who have donated and users who have not.
  • If a user has not donated I will only be able to answer a question if I can answer it quickly / from memory
  • If you haven't donated and post a thread with a whole list of theme rewrites you'd like I will have to ignore that, sorry
  • Even if you donated $20, please don't expect me to work 5 hours straight on your website
  • If you donated earlier, and you realize that you have more and more questions, do not hesitate to donate AGAIN, and if you keep posting new questions, AGAIN... Since you aren't really paying me anything close to a regular rate I'd rather not have to ask for another donation
  • For higher sums a German "Überweisung" can be arranged as well, please PM me
I find it hard to not help because I am a tree-hugger type of guy but the amount of requests is bringing me in trouble, and I rather offend users than my family. I can hardly do anything else than being at the forum these days, so my only choice is to either silently ignore those who have not donated or let everyone know that my time MUST be compensated. It would also be unfair to the donors if they had to share my attention with hundreds of others who have not donated.

The donations I got so far were between $3 (once, don't take this as a standard) and $130. Most were around $20. Please feel free to donate for the theme as such as well. The donations aren't really meant as a means to get qualified support from the horse's mouth at sub rock bottom prices. I guess I need to say it: You're getting a pretty good deal here. Where else are you going to get something solved within the day or next day for a few bucks? Please buy a "premium theme" (with a decent chance that it'll break in IE6) and see if you can get free customization. A few of those themes are deliberately hard to customize and use so they can charge you for customization at regular rates. And of course, none of them is even remotely as customizable as Atahualpa is.

Flur Feb 12, 2009 11:20 PM

Just curious, but how do your correlate which users are donors? I don't think any of my forum info matches my paypal info...

Flynn Feb 13, 2009 06:39 AM

Since yesterday donors should be asked for their forum name when donating, I changed the paypal button for that. But even if I don't get the forum name, and for earlier donations, I still can associate for the most part, through their profile and/or URLs posted here and the paypal info. There'll be maybe 10-15 donors that I won't be able to track down, I'll simply ask those to PM me their Paypal email address.

Glottis Feb 15, 2009 12:53 AM

Hey Flinn,

You're the most helpful guy i have ever seen, especially if you take into account that you're doing it for a long time now, and for free. You deserve every donation you get, multiplied by 1,000,000!

And one question: Will it be possible in the future to donate other than thru paypal? I can't have a paypal account because of my location. I'm sure plenty of others would welcome an alternative method.


Flynn Feb 15, 2009 06:25 AM

I'll definitely add an alternative. Paypal is giving me trouble anyway, some donations don't seem to go through or the button doesn't work.

sultandc Jun 24, 2009 01:40 PM

I appreciate the clarity of the post and your position and I like tree-huggers :) I'm on this forum becasue I'm experimenting with the Atahualpa theme. I'm also very new to blogs so trying to figure out what works for me. Hopefully can get enough questions answered through searching existing posts to determine if this theme works for my needs, which I am sure it will, and then will definitely make a donation to support this forum.

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