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amilsg Jan 24, 2010 11:02 PM

Broken titles with atahualpa excerpt and nextgen
I like atahualpa with its flexibility yet easy to customize. However, I am having problem when I use nextgen. The titles get misaligned when I use excerpt to display categories. I use full post for categories now, but for curiosity of the answer, I will make it excerpt again. Here is the sample link for the problem:

I already put in the CSS insert the code Flynn has pointed out yet it doesn't help either.

div.post img[class~=size-full] {

I also put the <img> in the "do not strip tags" options yet none in these answers helped.

I hope this question hasn't been asked yet, but I tried to search in google and in bfa forum search box but I haven't seen the answer yet. My question may be to easy for others :confused:, but I would appreciate if you could help me fix this.

This is the reason why I changed to magazine theme 640 for my other site, http://ofwnow.com. But I still have other domains, and I plan to use atahualpa for its flexibility.


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