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charlie100 Feb 9, 2011 12:42 PM

[SOLVED] comment-icon as link
hi there, first of all thanks for the great theme. of course the downside is that php/html-newbies like me start messing around with it and end up with a lot of questions...

well, for now just one:

instead of the comment-text-link (and its different states) i just would like the footer to show a simple comment-icon linking to the comment section on the single-post-page.

how could i do this? i searched and had a look around but couldn't find anything to 'deduce' from. oh, and i'm running the old 3.5.3 version.

thanks a lot, charlie

charlie100 Feb 9, 2011 03:43 PM

ok, that one was easy, some thinking helped. putting

%comments('<image(comment-gray.gif)>', '<image(comment-gray.gif)>', '<image(comment-gray.gif)>', '<image(comment-gray.gif)>')%

in the footer works perfect...

lets see whats next.

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