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creecyle Mar 27, 2009 03:08 PM

Reposition Post/Comments/Email Icons & Searchbox Logo area
I have changed the default height of the logo area in the header to work with a background graphic I made and now want to incorporate the Post-Feed, Comments-Feed, Email, and Searchbox Icons into my graphic background more smoothly. Is there a way to reposition these? I was looking at the style.css file when I didnt see anything in the theme options, but I am at my limit of CSS and was wondering if anyone had some code for this?

Please ignore the fact that I am still building this site and content and design are not completed...You can see what I am trying to visualize at http://www.lauracreecy.com/blog

I want to move the Search box flush with the bottom margin of the Logo area and move the Feed Icons down about 40px or so.

Any code to move these things about in the logo area would be nice. I was working on another site where I wanted them on the left hand side. I tried other widgets and I just dont like the way they incorporate into my sidebar design.

juggledad Mar 31, 2011 05:12 AM

there is a post in the Gold Forum tutorials (HOWTO: float the search box and RSS icons over the header image.) that explains how to do this.

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