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joaodagraca Jul 27, 2009 05:39 AM

Left align first item in page bar menu -

I still have a small issue with this because now the last item in the page menu is right aligned 25px
I basically need the 1st item to be left aligned 1 px, the last item to be right aligned 1 px and all items in between to have an equal spacing (in my case 25px). Is this easily achievable?


Flynn Aug 6, 2009 04:00 AM

To access the first and last child cross browser use jQuery. Add this

jQuery("ul#rmenu li:first-child").css({margin-left: 1px});
jQuery("ul#rmenu li:last-child").css({margin-right: 1px});

to js.php, after i.e.

/* For the Tabbed Widgets plugin: */

And style the other <LI>'s with the default value, with a CSS Insert:

ul#rmenu li {
margin-left: 25px;

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