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Kudzu Dec 23, 2018 06:38 AM

Cell phone keypad not working on forms
I've never had a problem with cell phone access on forms through Atahualpa until this month. (Dec, 2018).

Visitors are complaining they can't log in, and can't use any form on my site if they enter with a cell phone. I checked with my phone and they're right. If you try to enter data in any field, the cell phone's keypad pops up for a split second then it disappears before you can click a letter.

No other way to enter data without that virtual keypad. No problems if entering data with laptop/desktop.

Plugins have been disabled to make sure it isn't a compatibility issue.

The only thing I know that changed is Wordpress sent me an email letting me know my site auto updated to the newest version of Wordpress. I thought I had that feature turned off, but I was wrong.

Kudzu Dec 23, 2018 06:44 AM

I also want to add that I changed atahualpa a long time ago, to include the recommended responsive code that was posted on this forum. The site shrinks and grows depending on the devise used to visit the site.

juggledad Dec 24, 2018 04:27 AM

what version of WordPress are you now on?
What type phone?

Kudzu Feb 15, 2019 08:37 AM

Sorry for the delay. Version is 5.0.3. I have an LG, but it's my customers who can't log in. The forms don't allow the keyboard to work (including on my phone).

I changed over to the default theme that comes with WordPress and the forms work perfectly.

I have my site in maintenance mode right now. People are trying to register and can't, so I shut it down until I can fix it. If I need to pay again for Atahulpa, I will. I would subscribe on a yearly basis. I don't want any other theme.

juggledad Feb 16, 2019 03:55 AM

which forms are you talking about? the standard WordPress login screen or do you have a plugin that is providing the form?

Sorry to say but there won't be any more upgrades of Atahualpa. I've done all the upgrades over the past 8 years and because of changes by the wordpress theme approval team, it would take an almost complete rewrite of the theme to comply.

I don't have the time or inclination to do it and neithor does the original creator - there is not enough payback for the time it would take to do it.

Unless you're willing to bankroll the endeavor - one person offered to do it for a minimum or $4000.00

Kudzu Feb 20, 2019 09:06 AM

Oh please say it isn't so! What if you charged a subscription fee for it like other theme developers do? Like, $60 per year. Are there enough people to make it worth your while that will pay for the theme? It's the best theme out there.

What theme could possibly replace it? I'm serious. I can't imagine not having this theme.

Kudzu Feb 20, 2019 09:12 AM

To answer your question, none of the forms work at all. I'll put my site back in production if you want to test it. Click on membership link and try to enter something in one of the fields.

The keyboard appears for a split second then disappears but other themes work okay.

Try this form: https://cityhomestead.net/membership...-up-homestead/

juggledad Feb 20, 2019 04:37 PM

Are you using a plugin for the form? If so which one?

juggledad Feb 20, 2019 04:59 PM

It works perfectly fine on my iPhone (the only phone I have access to)

Kudzu Feb 21, 2019 02:42 PM

It's WPMU DEV membership 2 plug in. I don't understand why you are able to get in but anybody on an Android can't. If I switch themes to something else than all the forms work. When I put it back to atahualpa then they don't work.

Not even the login form works for WordPress. I guess I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what's going on. Thank you for checking.

Kudzu Feb 24, 2019 02:57 PM

This is my "Save Atahualpa Campaign" *smirk*


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