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markzip Nov 7, 2014 11:43 AM

Ugly gallery code in search results
(Putting this thread here because I can't find a forum for search)

Atahualpa 3.7.15
WP 4.0

When a search is made on the site it returns a list of results which are configured sort of like a list of excerpts. Except they are not excerpts. If the results are posts which contain gallery code in them, the result is horrific.

Here is an example of a search for the term "slideshow" : http://indonesiaetc.com/?s=slideshow

Is there a way to make this search result look a little less horrible?

In ATO under the "Excerpts" heading there is the option to not parse some types of code, but could that really affect the presentation of search results?

lmilesw Nov 7, 2014 02:30 PM

Any search I do ends up on the Buy the Book page. Have you tried deactivating all plugins and switching to another theme to see if the problem persists? Have you tried a search plugin?

cefiar Nov 10, 2014 03:12 AM

I noticed similar effects with the search function (and archives, etc) where you have a gallery.

I'm pretty sure this is caused by Wordpress truncating the post into an excerpt (as in, the function in WP that does this), which breaks all the gallery code. Specifically it processes the whole page, but then after whatever the excerpt word limit is, the post gets trimmed, and none of the HTML tags are closed.

If you go into the Atahualpa theme options (WP Dashboard->Appearance->Atahualpa Theme Options) and then go into Configure EXCERPTS (under the Posts & Pages section), you can turn off excerpts for the various parts (eg: Search, Archive, etc).

I also have a gallery-heavy site and I've just turned everything to "Full Post" on there.

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