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CapeCodValet Feb 1, 2011 03:06 PM

Left Sidebar and Native Gallery display problem
Hi -

I have a left sidebar configured for "Page" pages and disabled for certain page IDs (ideally, I really only want it to display for one particular page ID). When I use WordPress' native photo gallery handling with the [gallery] shortcode, the individual photo pages show the image twice, once on top of the left sidebar.

Gallery page: http://chandlertravis.com/spew/album...r-travis-solo/
Photo page: http://chandlertravis.com/spew/album...theadshothigh/

Ideally, I either don't want the left sidebar to display for these photo pages (they don't have page_id's, just attachment_id's) but without having to exclude each attachment_id, if possible, or I want to ONLY display the left sidebar for a certain page (rather than EXCLUDE all other pages). But I suppose I could live with the image only showing once (in the main body section) on the photo page.


- Fred.
WordPress 3.0.4
Atahualpa 3.6.1

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