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deucegeary Jun 6, 2009 05:12 AM

[SOLVED] Paragraphs drop out of blockquotes on post pages
I LOVE this theme, and would gladly donate, except for a bug I just discovered after about two weeks of using the theme.

The bug is this: If a blockquote includes paragraph breaks, then only the first paragraph is included in the blockquote on the post page. In other words, the blockquote looks fine on the home page, but on the post page the blockquote is incomplete and everything except the first paragraph drops into the text of the post.

For an example, go to my homepage and scroll down to the post titled "Common sense on the Obamas' Broadway outing dated May 31, 2009. Note that the blockquote has two paragraphs.

Then click on the post title to go to the post page and you'll see that the blockquote only has the first paragraph and the second follows the blockquote as part of the post text.

This is a dangerous bug because it could look like I am plagiarizing someone else's writing when the problem is really just that the blockquote function is not working right.

Is there a way to fix this? I need to abandon the theme if this cannot be fixed.


Deuce Geary

juggledad Jun 6, 2009 06:14 AM


the problem is being caused by the 'sphereit' plugin that you are using. It is breaking the paragraphs into seperate <DIV>'s so they can each be quoted and this is intefering with the blockquotes.

Please to a quick test. Swap to the default theme and see if the same problem occurs.

deucegeary Jun 6, 2009 02:36 PM

Turning off the Sphere plug-in didn't work, but turning off ALL plug-ins (except my spam filter) did. Thank you! Now I can turn them back on one by one and monitor the blockquotes. Thank you so much!

UPDATE: going through the plug-ins 1 by 1, I discovered it was not the Sphere plug-in, but a plug-in called "ClickQuote"

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