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Theratthatis Jan 5, 2010 07:57 PM

Background Tiling and Site Alignment issues

I'm currently re-doing my site, www.richardcutayar.com and wanted to explore ATA a bit more to see what it could do.

I'm on WP 2.9.1 and ATA 3.2

As you can see at the moment it's look a bit rough.
But basically I want my Background Image to stop tiling, but I don't know how. Here is the code I'm using at the moment.


font-family: tahoma, arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 0.8em;
color: #000000;
background: url(/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/Right_Elbow_Background.jpg) fixed;
padding: 20px 0;
Also, I managed to get rid of the left and right column, which is fine. But the aim was to then align everything else, (Header/footer/column etc) to the right. So I'd have the background picture of me on the left.

But I've searched the forums and but I think I'm looking for the wrong things. So I'd thought I'd ask for help! :p

Hope some one can help!


juggledad Jan 6, 2010 06:05 AM


I want my Background Image to stop tiling,
add 'no-repeat' to the background reul, so you have
HTML Code:

background: url(/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/Right_Elbow_Background.jpg) fixed no-repeat;
the header, middle and foter are aligned right now - to prove it
add 'border: solid 1px red;' at ATO->Style & configure LAYOUT->Layout Container Style
they look unaligned because your post is an image that is only 640px widt and the page is 1024

Theratthatis Jan 6, 2010 09:20 AM

Hey. Thanks for the Background advice! That is sorted now!

But the alignment still isn't what I'm looking for. If it's changing on different computers, then I'd like that to stop. I had a problem with that but I thought i fixed it :S

I've removed the picture in the post to stop confusion.

But I just want everything on the other side of the background image.

At the moment everything is too far left and, especially on the new page, is covering the background picture.

Sorry If I'm being vague, I can only think and describe in visual terms as I'm new to all this code stuff.

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