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tiber Jul 20, 2009 06:43 PM

Basic level question - Wordpress as CMS with blog attached
We're in the process of re-building a company website using Wordpress and ATA that we're very excited about. This is my first experience working with Wordpress, and I have a basic usage question.

We're currently putting the site together with a series of 'pages', but we would also like to have a blog for the company. I'm probably missing the obvious here, but how do we implement all the blog functionality of WP while the majority of WP is being used in a non-blog manner?

The test site that I'm working with right now is here - http://duartefruittrees.com. The gist of the question is how do I set up a 'page' with a blog, or am I going in the wrong direction with this?

Thanks for your time ;)

juggledad Jul 21, 2009 08:12 AM

This is actually a wrdpress question. By default, the front page you view when going to your site (http:www.mydommain.com) is your blog page. This gets created dynamically from the posts that are stored in the wordpress database. You have the ability to have the front page be one of the pages you create and have the 'blog' page be another page. For example:

et's say you create a page called 'About my company' and want that to be the front page. You should create a page called 'blog' or 'myblog' or...what ever you want to name it and then go to dashboard->settings->reading where you will see the option: 'Front page displays', and you have two choices:
1) Your latest posts
2) A static page (select below)
-- a) Front page:
-- b) Posts page:
in this case you would select option (2) and set the front page to 'About my company' and the 'Posts page' to 'My Blog'

keep in mind that all the pages are in reality not static pages, the actual html for every page is built when the page is requested. The info for each 'single' page or blog page is stored in the database and build when requested. This is why you can add a post and then next time someone requests the page, it has the new information.

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