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Prorok78 May 9, 2009 03:42 PM

Free space between window edge and the theme upper border - UPDATED
hi Guys.. i've been fighting this problem a few days now and now i just give up.. need help on this... if you take a look on my website - www.photostrada.com.. it is WP 2.7.1 and the newest athalupa (with very few mods).. The thing is that i have about 20-30 pixels of the free space just above the top elements of the theme... logo and serch box are disabled, i checked every single option in the CP and even reinstall everything from scratch... still no joy.. empty, useless space above the header image... i can put the page menu on top and then the image - no difference - still that empty space is there... i saw screenshots of others websites with this set of software and there seems to be ok - i mean the image (or page menu bar) is on the very top on the page, sticking to the edge of the window... every where but not on my page...:(

can someone please point me to the right place what can be wrong??
thanks a lot!!!

one more thing - lightbox.. it doesn't work.. it works fine on the pixeled theme and on the few others, but when i turn on the athalupa it stops working... any idea why?? - (now i'm using shadowbos js insteed)


Prorok78 May 11, 2009 02:33 AM

HI Guys, here is some update and further questions - i'd say it is some magic here...:(
well, as i couldnt find the solution and no one responded, i gave up and started adjust the website... i paste some piece of code in the header in left sidebar section so i have the JS slideshow looking like the book with moving pages.. since it didn't work out and the whole page layaut has been messed up i carefully deleted this code and here it is... my previous problem dissapeared (there is no longer empty space above the header) but i lost the horizontal lines that should be between every posts.. now posts are displayed one just after another without any 'deviders' between them...
so i reinstall everything: a wholl wordpress, database, athalupa theme... well still nothing... now i have the page just in the place i want it, but with bad layaut..
so question is how to add the horizontal lines that should be between posts??
thanks a lot!!! stan

juggledad May 17, 2009 05:47 AM

Posts styling are controled in Atahualpa theme Options -. Post/Page Styling. You probably want something in the 'POST Container' section.

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