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avantlit Nov 5, 2012 03:07 PM

use custom menus as simple overlays of header image?
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I'm trying to do two things that I think should be reasonably easy to do, and as a not-great coder, I don't want to get too far into screwing around with css.php or other theme files before I ask around (I have been searching for a while on here for some solutions).

The site I'm working on is http://www.ichingstargarden.com.

The FIRST item, to address in this forum, is as stated in the subject: I want menus overlaying the header image that are laid out vertically - see the attached export of a sketch to get the general idea of what I'm going for. In case it's too small to make sense of, I envision blog categories stacked up at left top, and pages stacked up at right bottom. Or vice-versa. But basically this type of layout - and just text links, not buttons (though I might like to style transparencies - but that, I could handle).

Anyone got ideas? I would rather NOT make buttons to overlay (which I can), I'd rather have these be governed by the custom menus function. I feel like I may be missing a large and obvious piece...

avantlit Nov 6, 2012 12:02 PM

Here's an update: in the interest of getting this up and fixing it later, I decided to use the overlay header option in the theme options menu for the header image; however, I have so far only been able to create menus at the left - no matter how much I try to tweak and check the CSS, the div for the second menu does not put the second menu at right and bottom.

Again, this is for www.ichingstargarden.com.

Just in case someone knows something else about this, like that I simply will not be able to do multiple different div overlays on the header image. But seems like I should be able to...

OK - now I have replaced both dummy menu lists and changed the names of the divs, and this is what is currently in the HTML/CSS inserts. the top_left_menu (xxx items) is formatting correctly, not the other (yyyy items) - the other is what's pushing down the page. Changing the positioning attribute for the second menu, or using left: instead of right:, has no effect whatsoever, either.


/* header links - posts */
#upper_left_menu {
#upper_left_menu ul {

/* header links - pages */
#lower_right_menu {*
#lower_right_menu ul {

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