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andrereu Feb 3, 2009 02:25 PM

Banner Issue
Iīd really like this theme.. the only really good for WP... :)
Just want to know if thereīs a way to put a banner code (with a plugin or widget or something, doesnīt matter how) but that the code could be put on the header, like on this site (www.praiasdoparana.com.br - itīs not WP site... just to show the place of the banner) think like the image was the rotated one on atahulpa 3 and the banner stay on top of it...

Sorry if I was not very clear, but Iīm a native portuguese speaker.. english itīs not very easy for me.. :)

Flynn Feb 3, 2009 03:46 PM

You would have to manually re-apply these changes when you update to a newer version of Atahualpa:

In bfa_header_config.php, around line 167 -173, find:

PHP Code:

        // END: If Header Opacity 
if ( $bfa_ata_overlay_blog_title == "Yes" OR $bfa_ata_overlay_blog_tagline == "Yes" ) {
$header_image .= '<div class="titleoverlay">' 
$bfa_ata_overlay_blog_title == "Yes" '<h1 class="blogtitle"><a href="' get_option('home') . '/">' get_bloginfo('name') . '</a></h1>' '' ) . 
$bfa_ata_overlay_blog_tagline == "Yes" '<p class="tagline">' get_bloginfo'description' ) . '</p>' '' ) . 

and replace with:
PHP Code:

        // END: If Header Opacity 
if ( $bfa_ata_overlay_blog_title == "Yes" OR $bfa_ata_overlay_blog_tagline == "Yes" ) {
$header_image .= '<div class="titleoverlay"> 



  • If the Adsense code contains single quotes replace them with double quotes ' --> "
  • To position & style the container for the Adsense ad, use Atahualpa Theme Options -> Header Image -> Overlayed Blog Title/Tagline Style
  • The header image would have to be enabled (include %image at Header -> Configure Header Area)
  • Header Image -> Overlay Blog TITLE over Header Image(s)? would have to be set to "Yes"

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