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Thomas Dec 28, 2010 10:05 AM

By the way, if you (or anyone browsing by reading the post) can click the site's "like" button to see if it works, I'd appreciate it. That will also help me because I need 25 "likes" before I can get a custom facebook url for the sites facebook page.

Larry - Thanks for all your help. I'm so happy it's rendering well in all three browsers! I learned a lot with this also. I wish I had time to take a CSS class to sharpen my skills. I know so much but I bet in a one day targeted class I could clean up everything I do know and make my life a lot easier. I have a lot more time the first half of 2011 than I did anywhere in 2010 and I'm definitely going to work on sharpening my skills. Sometimes I have a really hard time converting some of the CSS code I see in firebug into the proper insert. Regardless, it looks great

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