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kennfusion Jun 6, 2009 05:48 PM

Excerpts on home page don't work
I saw the solved thread with the following advice:


The problem can be fixed by editing bfa_post_patrs.php and changing lines 63-65:

function bfa_post_bodycopy() {
global $bfa_ata;
if (/* (is_home() AND $bfa_ata['excerpts_home'] == "Full Posts") OR


function bfa_post_bodycopy() {
global $bfa_ata;
global $postcount;
if (/* (is_home() AND $bfa_ata['excerpts_home'] == "Full Posts") OR
And I have followed that but I still am not getting any excerpts on the home page. Like right now it is set to all excerpts with 0 as show the first X posts as full, but still shows no excperts (although my goal is to have only first post as full and rest as excerpts, but that does not work either).

I thought it might be a cache issue, but just fired up the page on my iphone which was not cached and same problem. thoughts?

Oh, and great theme. I am having fun getting it setup right now: www.fusionemarketing.com

juggledad Jun 7, 2009 11:22 AM

Are you putting <DIV..>'s in your posts? I see a <div id="lipsum"> in each post, this would make the entire post a chuck that will not get excerpted.

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