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LaneLester May 16, 2010 06:21 PM

[SOLVED] How to Add Code Snippet at Bottom of Posts
I'm using the Advertising Manager plugin, and I need to add the following snippet immediately below the post content that displays on single post pages:

<br /><center><?php adsensem_ad('amazon1'); ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php adsensem_ad('amazon2'); ?>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php adsensem_ad('amazon3'); ?></center>
I tried pasting it after the tags already in the "FOOTER: Single Post Pages" field, but it didn't take.

With a plain vanilla theme, I'd just paste in the single.php file, but I need help doing this correctly in Atahualpa.

Later: Never mind. I was pasting it in the correct field, but since all the text already in the field did not display, I was pasting my code in the middle of the existing code. So I copied the default code from under the field to a separate text editor, added my code, copied the whole thing, and then did a ^A^V in the field to replace what was already there.


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