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qbuster May 8, 2010 09:31 AM

Freelance help required with Atahualpa/Buddypress
I've hit a stone-wall with a WP standard Atahualpa/Buddypress site and could do with some help. The site is located at waterwaywatch.org.

At first glance it is working OK but on drilling down to the deeper layers there are a number of issues which are show stoppers:

1. Members - clicking on http://waterwaywatch.org/members/ gives a reasonable Members Directory but when trying to get to individual member profiles redirects to About.

2. Groups are fundamentally important to the central objective of the website. Clicking on http://waterwaywatch.org/groups/ is almost acceptable but clicking onto individual group profiles is clearly not right.

3. Similar problems with Forums.

4. If possible, but not essential, I would also like to separate different categories of groups so that they display on different pages (Festivals, Societies, Narrowboat Trusts, etc).

At 1-3 above are all standard BP features so I am fairly confident that they are achievable with Atahualpa. Anyone out there with experience of Ata-BP who can sort this out?



qbuster May 27, 2010 11:00 AM

I have now solved the problems described in my earlier post.

In doing so, my site - http://waterwaywatch.org - now represents an example of how Atahualpa and Buddypress can be integrated in a stable manner.

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