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laurielamberth Sep 18, 2012 11:25 AM

Unable to Locate Atahualpa Theme at Wordpress.com
Thank you for writing the Atahualpa theme! I use it for my blog at laurielamberth.com.

Now, I am setting up a new blog and want to use the Atahualpa theme for it, too. My blog is ahstruck.wordpress.com (private). We are still getting our domain and hosting set up, so for now are building our blog on Wordpress.com.

BUT - when I search the themes on Wordpress.com for "atahualpa" -- NOTHING IS FOUND. Is the Atahualpa theme no longer available? Or is something else wrong?

Help, please! I need to get this blog going and am stuck, hard, trying to locate the Atahualpa theme.

Many thanks for your quick response.
- Laurie Lamberth

lmilesw Sep 18, 2012 12:34 PM

Atahualpa is not available for wordpress.com sites. The themes available for wordpress.com sites are a limited set of themes built to work in that environment.

What you can do is get all the content in the site then when you have your hosting set up install Atathualpa and import the wordpress.com content.

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