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biancastuart Jan 31, 2010 03:42 AM

[SOLVED] Post Excerpt Thumbnails
Hi Guys,

I am trying to show a thumbnail in my post excerpts on my homepage. I don't know if I am missing the blatantly obvious but I don't fully understand what I have to do for this to work.

In the settings page I have the home page displaying just summaries of my post and 'only excerpts' selected in the AT Options. Do I have to do something when I am actually writing my post?

I am using version and WP Version 2.9. My site is http://clearcellulite.net and I want to set out site with the thumbnails displaying on the left hand side of a summary of my posts.


jdtfk Feb 3, 2010 09:09 AM

In your posts, there's a section below Atahualpa Entry Options where it says Excerpt, its a rectangle box.

You need to add this:


<div class='post-bodycopy'>
<img POST THUMBNAIL HERE class='wp-post-image' />
<p>Post Excerpt starts here...</p>

You can see more at Atahualpa Theme Options -> Post & Pages -> Post Thumbnails. There you can style the thumbnail where it says Post Thumbnail CSS.

Hope this helps you.

paulae Feb 3, 2010 10:13 AM

In WP 2.9.1, you can automatically set an image to be a thumbnail in an excerpt. When you upload an image, "use as thumbnail" is an option in the upload dialogue.

biancastuart Feb 4, 2010 04:32 AM

Thanks Paulae

I can't believe I didn't see that option there. Working perfectly now though. Thanks again

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