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juandrah Jul 18, 2009 05:26 AM

How about a "Hard Copy Log" in the ATO?
How about placing a "Hard Copy Log" option under Tools in the ATO? Hard copy changes don't carry forward in updates but a Hard Copy Log to note those changes in the ATO would.

It would basically be a notepad where admins could store the notes about and code for hard copy changes. Maybe include the New Post CODE option from the forum to separate the code from the notes. Then they could easily be identified, cut, and pasted back in when an update is installed.


juggledad Jul 18, 2009 06:51 AM

You can find the ATO options you have changed by looking in the WordPress wp_options table. WordPress even gives you an option to see ALL the options stored there. You must be logged in as an administrator. Just type ...mydomain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/options.php', the ones that start with 'bfa_ata_' are the wordpress options

juandrah Jul 18, 2009 08:08 AM

OK, I'm confused.

If I change an option through ATO then that option should carry through in a version update, correct?

I'm talking about a notepad in ATO for the admin to make notes regarding hard code changes which have been done manually and WON'T survive a version update.

Isn't there a difference?


juggledad Jul 18, 2009 08:57 AM

Yes there is a difference I was just pointing out how you could have a record of the theme options.

While this could be done, you still fall into the issue of a person having to maintain this info. You can do the same thing in any text document. In addition, you could even create a WordPress page that was titled 'Atahualpa Code changes' and leave the page private or as just a draft. Then you would be doing what you want.

The problem, as always, is that the information in that post or text document (or if ever added, the ATO option) is only as good as what was put in it. I can't tell you how many times I 'meant' to document something, but was rushed and forgot to.

Another issue is that even if you are 100% accurate, the code in the next release could may change so the documented changes no longer apply.

this is why I try to stay away from changing the code unless it is a bug fix.

juandrah Jul 18, 2009 09:39 AM

Thanks, good suggestions.


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