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kippiper Nov 20, 2009 05:18 PM

Background image & form in only 1 cell of a header extra widget cell?
Boy, that subject line was a mouthful!

Okay, here is the website in question:


What I want to do is place a form on the right side of the header (as you can see from my words "Promo box for free gift....").

I was thinking of adding a widget with 2 cells - with the form in the right hand cell. But then I would need to put the image as the background in that cell with the form coded into the cell.

Is this the best way to accomplish what I want? If so, how do I define a background image for 1 cell in the header widget?

Oh and if properly I hand code the form into the cell, will the form work?

If you think/know there is a better, easier and more stable way to accomplish this, please let me know!

Thanks as always for all of your help!


lmilesw Nov 20, 2009 05:55 PM

I bought Gravity Forms and I like it so much that I will always link to a forms page vs having a form in the sidebar. Gravity Forms is just VERY configurable.

I have a question for you though. I love the way you did your background image and header combo. Was that tough to align/create?

kippiper Nov 21, 2009 09:58 AM

Hi Larry -

Well, this is what the client wants - the form in the header. So if there is any way I can accomplish this, it would be great!

Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks so much!


P.S. Hi again, Larry!

Thanks so much about the background!

I created the whole thing in Photoshop using layers. Then I duplicated the original file into separate files for each component, i.e., a file for background, a file for header, etc. Keep everything in layers so you can easily modify and turn off or delete the layers you don't need for each specific file. For instance, when you work on the background file, keep all of the background layers and turn off or delete the layers for anything else, like the header.

When you have finished designing each component, remember to resave each file as JPG or GIF file for the website.

The background is set in the theme in the "Body, Text & Links" tab with "no-repeat fixed center top" setting.

Then the header JPG image is a single image uploaded via FTP to the "header" directory in the theme.

I must admit, transferring the files to the website did shift the background a little bit. So then I kept minutely adjusting it in Photoshop, resaving it as a JPG, and reuploading it via FTP until it lined up just right.

It may seem convoluted, but works for me. I hope this helps! And have fun!


lmilesw Nov 21, 2009 10:44 AM

I played around a little with the Simple Modal Contact Form plugin (SMCF) and while it doesn't give you a form directly I was able to put the code in one of the HTML inserts area and it showed the words I set which when clicked on gave you a nice modal form like here. I'm going to keep looking for the "real" solution though.

Thanks for the info on your design. I'm going to have to get back into Photoshop mode.

kippiper Nov 21, 2009 10:58 AM

Hi Larry -

Thanks for the SMCF suggestion! I will work on that in a few hours after I get done with another client's stuff. I'll let you know how it works!

And thanks for the continuing research! Please let me know how I can help you with anything.


kippiper Nov 21, 2009 03:03 PM

Hi again, Larry -

I LOVE THIS FORM! It is so slick-looking!

And I got it to work in the header. YAY! I really believe my customer will be happy with this.

You are great! Thanks so much again!


kippiper Nov 21, 2009 04:46 PM

Hi again, Larry -

Well, we love the form but are having a dickens trying to customize it. (Ain't it always the case with customers? LOL!)

The plugin is written in PHP code, as is standard. However, my knowledge of PHP is less than minimal. If I am told exactly what to do, I can do it, and sometimes take it a step further. But going in on this one has been challenging.

What my customer wants is:

1. Remove the Message field in the form: Well, I have tried and tried. I can get the message field to disappear, but the form still looks for a required field (which the Message field is). I am not able to figure out how to turn off the required for the Message field.
2. If can't remove the Message field or turn off it's being required, I was thinking of putting a Initial Value in the field. I found where I think is the code is that generates the field, but when I add value='text here' to the definition, it doesn't appear on the form as a prefilled field.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Or do we need to find another solution?

Thanks so much!


lmilesw Nov 21, 2009 10:47 PM

I just bought the Advanced DHTML Popup Plugin from here. I didn't buy the pro part of the package which gives you popups and all the "pretty" stuff but what I have does generate the html that I can paste anywhere I want. It also lets you style the background etc before you generate the code. I have attached a screenshot of the configuration section.http://www.cnyhosting.net/FormPlugin.jpg

kippiper Nov 22, 2009 07:58 AM

Hi Larry -

Very cool! I have sent the link to my client. I'll let you know what she says.

I think I might buy the software anyway cause I am sure this is not the last time I will encounter this.

Thank you so much!


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