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horsemansarts Mar 2, 2010 10:24 AM

UGH Errant custom widget area

Anyone with any thoughts on this quirky behavior?

I created single cell custom widget area to appear below the loop. This was fine until I decided I wanted it to be two cells. So, I deleted the single cell widget area and created a new two cell widget area.

Initially this seemed fine. I created some text widgets to appear in each cell of the new custom widget area. All is well.

Then I decided to put additional widgets into each cell. NOW whatever I put below the widget in the left hand cell APPEARS ABOVE it in this 'phantom' single cell widget area that I just can't get rid of. :-(

Even though I have 3.4.4 installed I ran the widgetfix. But, it is still behaving badly. Help???

Thoughts? Suggestions??

Thanks, Sharon

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