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mgoodwin Mar 11, 2012 09:04 PM


I am trying to use the mp3-jplayer plug-in with Atahualpa. I am putting the shortcode into a page and I am getting just empty space in the resulting post. I have tried different short codes but they all just show empty space.

This is my shortcode... [mp3j track="yourmp3here.mp3"]

At the end of the day I need an HTML5 player that supports playlists. This one seems like the best option, but it won't show up in my theme. The plug-in FAQ says that a requirement is...

"Themes need the wp_head() and wp_footer() calls in them."

I don't know much code so I really don't know what that means. Can anyone help me out?

Any suggestions about what I need to do or any recommendations about better audio players would be great.

mgoodwin Mar 11, 2012 09:09 PM

UPDATE: I have the short code in the text widget in my sidebar. I am using a short code in sidebar plugin to make it work. It seems to work, but ONLY when I am on the "posts" page of my site... ideas?

lmilesw Mar 11, 2012 09:28 PM

Have you checked on the plugins forum? They are probably in a better position to help you.

juggledad Mar 12, 2012 04:50 AM

what version of Atahualpa and WP?
What is the url?

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