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222fbj May 5, 2010 10:23 AM

Help with Error: ....a tag that was too short.
I am trying to post this, and cannot find/fix the error.

1. VRwidget: I use the VR subscribe Widget with an email list service. The VRwidget on my page will open a new window to complete the subscribe form. I'd like to have it open a page in my site,which I think will look better. I posted this question to the VRwidget Forum but got no response. The VRwidget instructions include the following - but I am not sure how to implement this, or if it will solve the problem. Can anyone tell me if this will let me open the form in a page on my site? And how to add this to my template code?

You can also embed in your website by configuring above, then removing the widget from your sidebar. Then:
* Add <?php widget_vr(); ?> in your template code
* Write [VerticalResponse] in your post's or page's content.

2.Font Style: Note the large font on the attached image....compared to the font in the page editor attachment. How do I force the browser to show the font as it is in the editor (smaller, not bold)?


juggledad May 5, 2010 11:01 AM

Have you tried creating a page and putting the shortcode '[VerticalResponse]' in it?

Your post tst has an <h4> so it is picking up the h4 styling, you could remove the <h4>'s or use a CSS insert to change the styling for the H4's

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